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Monday, April 13, 2015

Faith of Leap

The Australian missiologists, Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch wrote a book in 2011 with the title, The Faith of Leap. The “faith of leap” is about experiencing the kind of faith that enables us to go where we have never gone before and do what we have never done before.  It is a faith defined by action.

It is the kind of faith Abraham demonstrated when he left his family and his home to follow God.  It is the kind of faith Moses experienced when he returned to Egypt to confront Pharaoh for Israel’s deliverance. Peter, James and John demonstrated this faith when they left their fishing boats to follow Jesus. The man born blind exhibited this kind of faith when he stumbled through the streets of Jerusalem in search of the Pool of Siloam. 

When I think of the “faith of leap” I think of my friend, Heather Herschap. If you have been reading this column for long, you will probably remember Heather.  She is a young woman born with cerebral palsy. Since birth she has had limited use of one arm and speaks with an impediment.  But when she smiles, her face lights up the room.
Heather is intelligent and determined.  She earned a bachelor’s degree at Baylor University despite her disabilities.  For four years, she was one of the most recognized students on campus, racing between buildings in her electric wheel chair, her hair blowing in the wind.
Heather’s life changed dramatically during her freshman year at Baylor.  One night, alone in her dorm room, she fell between her bed and the wall and was unable to wriggle free.  Trapped, frustrated and frightened, she says God spoke to her.  As a result she began reading the Bible and attending church.  She soon came to faith in Christ.
Her “faith of leap” has continued to grow. She went on to earn a Master’s degree from Truett Seminary and has made multiple trips to India to minister to those with handicaps similar to her own.  She currently serves in a center for the handicapped in San Antonio, Texas.
Last week, Heather published her second children’s book, The Story of Lucy, an Amazon e-book.  Lucy is the charming and inspiring story of a girl who overcomes disabilities to bring love and faith to others. Her story is all the more poignant because Lucy's experience parallels that of the author. Through Lucy, Heather invites her readers to rise above their own difficulties to discover a wonderful world of God’s love and grace.
Most of us will never face the obstacles and difficulties Heather has had to overcome. But we can all exercise our own “faith of leap” to make the world a better place.  Faith that follows Jesus is this kind of faith, faith that requires us to take the leap.  Like a child leaping into the father’s hands, we can leap into the unknown because we know who will catch us.

Click the image to the right to view Heather's book on Amazon.

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